Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these items coming from?

Our products are sold from EIS Fabrication Solutions. We ship from 2 locations, one on the East side and the other on the West side of the U.S.

Can I purchase using a tax exemption?

Not at this time. Tape purchases using your tax exemption can be completed at

Can I get my company pricing on these tapes?

Items on the website have a different turnaround time and part number in our system. Therefore pricing cannot be matched to what is offered through EIS or the website.

Can I get expedited shipping on these items?

Yes; standard shipping is via ground, but you can select 2 day or overnight shipping to receive your items in a faster manner.

Can I buy other items from EIS along with these tapes and include them in the same order?

No; items on this website are processed independently from other EIS orders.