Design, prototype, & fabrication leader.

With over 40 years of fabrication expertise, EIS is the leader in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing the engineered conversion of flexible and rigid materials. We provide advanced assembly solutions for high-value engineering projects and a wide range of custom fabrication services including die cutting, converting, turning, machining, laminating, assembly, packaging, and rapid prototyping. We strategically partner with quality manufacturers such as 3M, DuPontâ„¢, Von Roll, Rochling Glastic, Henkel Loctite, Adhesives Research, and ITW Formex to support markets including medical, automotive, electronic and electrical markets.


EIS offers a wide range of flexible materials and adhesives for converting, laminating, and slitting for applications in electrical, electronics, medical, military/aerospace, power conversion, renewable energy, and transportation. An extensive network of world-class suppliers allows us to procure the exact material our customers' applications require.

With our Advanced Assembly team, customers can explore alternate design options, materials, and adhesives before investing in manufacturing. The result is a better design and final product.

EIS is a recognized leader in cost-effective product design and engineering and custom converting, and custom fabrication services for flexible materials.


    EIS provides precision slitting, die-cutting, rewinding, waterjet cutting, ultrasonic welding, creasing/cuffing, and custom converting capabilities including multiple material laminating and precision laser cutting.


    Printable materials include both pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive label varieties, with applications ranging from tamper-evident labels for the medical market to high durability labels for harsh environments.


    EIS provides a combination of material knowledge, design engineering expertise, testing and manufacturing capabilities that make us uniquely suited to assist in the most complex product development project.


    Our contract manufacturing saves you time and expenses of inventory management, staffing, volume mixing, environmental control, and safety. We also provide packaging, kitting, and shipping.


    EIS offers a number of specialty fabrication services that can streamline production and manufacturing processes.